+ Supportive Community
+ Guidance from Certified Wellness advisor 
+ Freedom to feel through what you need
+ Meditation, Movement, Motivation, Q&A 
+ Safe space to share your voice and experience
+ You’re in the group, we’re holding each other accountable

Self Care Accountability Group Membership


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Access to How To Build Consistent Self-Care Course: DIY Tips And Guidance for busy women. Start your journey into uncovering your authentic self-care path, build a consistent self-care routine, and start showing up for yourself.

More for our members

a course that encourages you on your journey

A Quarterly Playlist that supports you to get out of your way and open up yourself to the possibility of self-care through movement. It has been studied that music creates a positive impact on your mood.

music to help you stay aligned

Designed for your busy lifestyle, foster clarity to get clear on your intentions for yourself. Together, discover what you need and eliminate what you don’t in order to live your best life through self-care.

Monthly Meditation

Learn how to regulate emotions and live a healthier, more emotionally balanced life by overcoming intense emotions, such as fear, anger, and anxiety. Through intentional control of movements, you can regulate your emotions while removing mental clutter and barriers in your life. 

Monthly Movement Workshop

Having another person as an accountability partner can keep you motivated and on track with your self-care journey. They can also help you in reaching your goals by breaking them down into attainable steps. Create a connection and motivation for better self-care.

Partner Accountability

Take yourself deeper into meditation and join a safe space where you can ask questions and learn more about self-care and being mindful through group discussions and coaching sessions.

Q + A Discussion

Take the next best step in your self-care