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Empowering Caribbean moms to prioritize self-care, embrace mindful bonding, and nurture generational healing through more fulfilling connections with their children.

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Your Caribbean Guide to Conscious Parenting

Wah gwaan! I’m Racheal. Even with all my studies in child development and psychology, becoming a mother hit me like a storm. Like many a yuh, a strong feeling of overwhelm hovered over me like a cloud leaving me feeling unprotected and unprepared for the daily learning process that is motherhood.

Saying the transition into motherhood was smooth, simple, and satisfying would be a lie. The challenges never seemed to cease but I was putting in the work every single day to preserve myself and look after my family. Or so I thought….

Let’s Curate Your Simple Self-Care

         It’s time to heal from the inside out

Motherhood does not mean you have to lose yourself. Find simple self-care practices that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and boom, you’re feelin’ yahself again!

 Together, we’ll:

+ Incorporate a consistent self care routine into your current lifestyle
+ Make space for nuff chill vibes to get you through with ease
+ Show up at your best in all areas of your life.

  • Build a self-care practice you can stick to and build on
  • Find mindful moments that deliver nuff chill vibes to keep you movin’ with ease
  • Show up strong in every part of life, especially for the family that needs you
You Deserve Support Like This! 

With my guidance,
you can:

+ Create that golden routine that makes your days effortlessly flow like your favorite bouyon beat

+ Claim joy and fulfillment in your highlight reel-worthy, everyday moments

+ Carve out time for self-care while nurturing an unbreakable bond with your children

let's get it

Your Journey
to Conscious Motherhood

Effortless self-care strategies are the gem you need.

This one’s for the busy mama in need of self-care without the self-guilt. Here is where you recharge. Learn simple strategies that blend the mom life with much-needed “me” time.

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